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Arbitration for Fruits and Vegetables

The International Arbitration Chamber for Fruits and Vegetables (CAIFL) was founded in 1967 by German and French professionals of the fruit and vegetables sector with a view to stimulate international cooperation in various branches of the fresh produce sector. According to its statutes, the institution provides two main services and promotes them all over the world: arbitration in national and international disputes, and the promotion of the COFREUROP rules. These rules clearly fix a number of obligations and duties of sellers and buyers in the fresh produce business. As such, they provide a valuable solution in disputes concerning quality, prices, contract breaches, payments and other issues.

As the problems that occur when trading perishable goods are very specific, the arbitrators are practitioners who represent the whole sector (shippers, cooperatives, wholesalers, importers, exporters). In cases of disputes, the two concerned parties make recourse to the Arbitration Chamber if this proceeding is mentioned in the contract or on the basis that both parties express their will to do so. Using the International Arbitration Chamber for Fruits and Vegetables provides a final settlement of the dispute, while the arbitration is confidential and the arbitration agreement is recognised by European courts. The costs of the arbitration are based on the amount of the arbitrated dispute.

You can find the COFREUROP rules below in English, French and German.

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