About Freshfel

Freshfel Europe Secretariat

Philippe Binard

General Delegate, overseeing the activities of the Freshfel Europe secretariat. Philippe is responsible for the external representation of the association and is answerable to the Freshfel Europe Board and membership. Philippe is also the Secretary General of WAPA and SHAFFE, which are hosted by Freshfel Europe. 

Eglė Baecke-Eimontaitė

Director Food Quality, following EU legislation on food safety and quality. Eglė covers authorisation of plant protection products, MRLs, biocides, food additives, hygiene marketing standards & food information to consumers. Egle is the Secretary General of ESSA, the European Sprouted Seeds Association, and is also involved in the activities of SHAFFE. 

Nelli Hajdu

Director Trade Policy & Business Development, covering official controls, certification, plant health and customs policy. Nelli also follows digitized controls, customs and trading procedures in relation to economic analysis and strategy building, and is involved in the activities of SHAFFE. 

Helene Deruwe

Policy Advisor Agriculture and R&I, monitoring the Common Agricultural Policy (CMO for fruit and vegetables, Unfair Trading Practices, Organic) and the agricultural Research & Innovation Policy. She is responsible for the daily management and dissemination of Freshfel’s actions in Horizon 2020 projects, currently EuroMix and EUFRUIT. She is also involved in the activities of the World Apple and Pear Association (WAPA).

Nicola Pisano

Policy Advisor Sustainability, Health & Promotion, and Communications Manager, covering the policy dossiers of sustainability, health and nutrition and promotion. Nicola coordinates and manages Freshfel Europe’s internal and external communications and media relations, and is also involved in the activities of SHAFFE and ESSA. 

Natalia Santos-Garcia Bernabe

Policy Advisor Trade and Food Safety, focusing on trade dossiers (import, export and wholesale), including EU trade negotiations and Brexit. Natalia will also follow EU legislation on food safety and quality, plant protection products and MRL levels. 

Linda Bloomfield

International membership and marketing support, providing assistance to exporters, importers, producers, retailers and service providers across the fresh produce supply chain who wish to become members of Freshfel. Linda also manages sponsorship sales for the Freshfel annual event. 


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