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Freshfel, as the association defending the interests of the fresh fruit and vegetable sector at the European and international level, works in close contact with the European institutions, such as the European Commission. In 2014, the European Commission launched the Horizon2020 funding programme to facilitate a more innovation-friendly environment. It is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme so far, with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014-2020) to tackle societal challenges, amongst others in the food and agriculture sector.

Several projects that are funded by Horizon2020 are directly or indirectly related to the fresh fruit and vegetable sector. Freshfel is currently involved in three projects: EUFRUIT and Euromix. Freshfel has several commitments in the Horizon2020 projects:

  • disseminating the project developments and results to its members and beyond
  • assisting the partners in their questions concerning European legislation
  • organising conferences and meetings for the project results

Under the different project tabs, you can find more specific information about the projects in which Freshfel is involved.

Apart from direct participation in projects, Freshfel actively contributes to highlighting the priorities for fruit and vegetable research and the sector towards the European institutions. In 2016, Freshfel, in collaboration with AREFLH and EUVRIN, published an update of the Strategic Innnovation and Research Agenda (SIRA) which highlight the current challenges of the sector. In September 2019, the four organisations published a foreward looking ‘Vision Document for the fruit and vegetable research in Europe‘ that serves as input in the discussions about Horizon Europe, the EU’s future framework programme for Research and Innovation.


Norges Frukt – og Grønnsakgrossisters Forbund (NAGF)

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