Page 31 EuromixEuroMix is a European project which central aim is to develop an experimentally verified, tiered strategy for the risk assessment of mixtures of multiple chemicals, which can be derived from multiple sources across different life stages. The project balances the risk of chemicals present in food against the benefits of those food.

The overall objective of the project is to establish and to disseminate new validated testing, hazard and aggregated exposure assessment strategies for mixtures of chemicals, which build on a mechanism-based quantitative methodology for hazard assessment and hazard characterization. This will be used to estimate the impact of mixtures on health, thereby increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of safety evaluations.

Freshfel is in particularly involved in the dissemination of the project results and the organisation of meetings and workshops in Brussels. More information about this project can also be found via


Orsero Group Spa
DPA – Dutch Produce Association

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