The EUFRUIT project wants to establish a network of researchers, business operators and policy makers to build towards a common approach and framework for knowledge sharing in order to fill the gap between research findings and policy implementation. The systematic approach includes:

  • scanning of the state-of-art knowledge, practises and technologies and synthesis of the material to identify key areas of learning and best practise approaches at a European level.
  • showing & sharing to deliver outreach/dialogue at a national level through establishment of local ‘operational groups’.

EUFRUIT encompasses 12 countries and focusses on 4 thematic areas, critical for the competitiveness and innovation potential of the European fruit sector: new cultivar development and evaluation; minimise residues on fruit and the environment; optimising storage and fruit quality; sustainable production systems.

Each year, the 4 work packages publish synthesis reports, which include the scanning of research currently being done in the 4 thematic areas, and the latest state of play of those experimental methods. Below you can find the synthesis reports:





Freshfel actively participates in the dissemination of the resulting shared knowledge, in particular on the minimisation of residues on fruit and the environment. More information about this project can also be found here.



IG International Pvt Ltd
AZURA Group (*)
Global Fruit Point

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