Freshfel Europe’s 2018 Thematic Network Joint Statement on ‘Stimulating fresh fruit and vegetable consumption for healthier European consumers’ is now open for endorsement by stakeholders. The Joint Statement outlines a variety of recommendations on how to stimulate fresh fruit and vegetable consumption with accompanying best practices under five action areas.

The Joint Statement comprises of two parts, a framing paper contextualising current fresh fruit and vegetable consumption levels in Europe and a recommendations paper outlining 44 points of action with accompanying best practices to stimulate fresh fruit and vegetable consumption. Philippe Binard, Freshfel Europe General Delegate stated, “This is the first ever comprehensive review of actions which could stimulate fresh fruit and vegetable consumption. Today across Europe the level of daily consumption is well below the minimum recommended by the World Health Organization as well as scientists and health professionals and this needs to change. Social, economic, environmental, communication and partnership actions are recommended in the Joint Statement and are directed at both public and private stakeholders within the agri-food and health sectors”.

The Joint Statement is the beginning of a collaborative effort into 2019 and beyond led by Freshfel Europe and supported by its members and organisations endorsing the Joint Statement to alleviate low consumption levels by ensuring the implementation of innovative initiatives under the action areas. Stakeholders across Europe have until the 25 January 2019 to formally endorse the Joint Statement*.

Throughout 2018 Freshfel Europe developed the Joint Statement along with other agri-food and health stakeholders** as part of the European Commission’s 2018 round of Thematic Networks, which form part of the annual work of the EU Health Policy Platform. All information regarding the Thematic Network and Joint Statement is available on the Thematic Network’s dedicated area on the EU Health Policy Platform. More information can also be found on the Freshfel Europe website.



Note to the Editors:

Freshfel Europe is the European Fresh Produce Association, representing the interests of the fresh fruit and vegetables supply chain in Europe and beyond. Freshfel Europe currently has over 200 members, including both companies and associations. For more information, contact the association at or visit the association website

The Joint Statement is accompanied by an infographic.

*To endorse the Joint Statement, please send your official logo to Nicola Pisano ( accompanied by a letter confirming endorsement of the Joint Statement (email letter is sufficient) by 25 January 2019 COB. All endorsing stakeholders’ logos will appear at the back of the Joint Statement.

**Participating stakeholders contributing to the development of the Joint Statement including the following organisations: Appic Santé, Aprifel, BEUC, Bord Bia, Copa Cogeca, ECDA, EFAD, EFCAM, EHN, EPHA, Eurocommerce, Euro Coop, EuroHealthNet, FoodDrinkEurope.

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