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Freshfel’s cooperation with other organisations

Within its daily working environment, Freshfel Europe closely cooperates with organisations hosted in the same premises, namely WAPA (World Apple and Pear Association), SHAFFE (Southern Hemisphere Association of Fresh Fruit Exporters), ESSA (European Sprouted Seeds Association), Growing Media Europe, representing producers of growing media and soil improvers and Europatat (European Potato Trade Association).

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Since December 2011, Freshfel also joined forces with SACAR (Secretariat des Associations Agricoles Réunies) incorporating FRUCOM (Dried Food Importers), Union Fleurs (International Flowers Trade) and Assuc (Trade in Sugar). This provides to the secretariat a broader perspective of EU agriculture sectors.

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It allows multiples synergies on many administrative and policy issues including the representation in Civil Dialogue Groups and since the beginning of 2016 the membership to CELCAA (European Liaison Committee for the Agricultural and Agri-Food Trade). Freshfel also closely cooperates with other organisations at European level such as COPA-COGECA, AREFLH, PROFEL, AIJN, FoodDrink Europe, EUROCOMMERCE, EPHA, and ECPA, and is accredited with organisations such as FAO, WHO, UN/ECE, or OECD.


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