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Freshfel’s Mission and Objectives

Freshfel Europe, the European Fresh Produce Association, is the forum for the fresh fruit and vegetables supply chain in Europe and beyond. Its members and associated members are associations and companies that have an interest in the European fresh fruit and vegetable sector, including production, trade, logistics and retailing. Freshfel is a non-profit association established under the Belgian legislation of 1919. The seat of the association is in Brussels, the headquarters of the European Union. Freshfel Europe is registered in the EU register of interest representatives, a European Commission initiative to increase transparency within the European environment. The Freshfel register n° is 1637225479-02. Freshfel is a membership driven association, with financial resources being generated by the membership fees of its members and associated members.

Freshfel represents stakeholders across the fresh produce chain and coordinates tasks for the benefit of the fresh produce sector. The organisation defends the interests of the sector on the European and international scene, and updates members on recent legislative and supply chain developments. Freshfel also provides a networking platform for its members and facilitates contacts among representatives of the sector. Within Freshfel, the sector has a platform to meet, to share views and to gear positions towards one another.

Freshfel’s mission is to:

  1. improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the sector
  2. facilitate international trade of fresh produce
  3. assist members to comply with the highest safety, environmental and CSR rules/standards
  4. securing a favourable environment to promote the benefits of fresh produce and increase the efficiency of promotion activities within Europe and beyond and share best practices
  5. positioning the sector in the new research and innovation policy
  6. stimulating the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables by defending the image of the product and emphasizing its healthy assets as well as its huge diversity of taste and texture and recommend to enjoy while eating fresh produce


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