The fresh produce category and market transparency: When debating market transparency, the specific characteristics of the fruit and vegetable supply chain should be kept in mind: There is (sometimes high) perishability and seasonality; production is not always stable and could vary from one year to the other, depending on climatic conditions; for most of the products, there is a very short commercial cycle; within a single product category, there is a huge diversity in specific variety, quality, growing method, freshness & maturity, and packaging. Given the multi-layered supply chain structure, there are different market realities and prices. Additionally, the market reality could vary widely from one market to the other, and from one Member State to the other. Both supply and demand can fluctuate, resulting amongst others from climatic conditions. This can lead to (high) price volatility, in particular for produce with a shorter shelf-life.

More information can be found in Freshfel’s position paper on Market Transparency.

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