The fruit and vegetable supply chain is defined by specific characteristics: there is (sometimes high) perishability and seasonality, a very short commercial cycle; a myriad of distribution channels, huge diversity across categories and within single product lines; a fragmentated production base, and a consolidated retail sector and regular fluctuations across supply and demand, which can lead to price volatility. Given this fluctuation and market requirements, daily adjustments and flexibility in commercial practices are often required, alongside the overall programming of seasons which typically guides the well-established and long-term relationships between different operators across the chain. To summarise, the fruit and vegetable supply chain has some features which sets it apart form other supply chains, just like other chains also have their own peculiarities. Therefore, the onesize-fits-all approach of both the Commission proposal, and of the majority of the European Parliament’s amendments will not obtain the results it sets out to achieve.

Freshfel input to amended Proposal for a Directive on UTPs

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