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Fresh Times – Edition 5, 2020

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Editor’s Note: Autumn is upon us

Autumn is upon us and after a brief hiatus over summer many across Europe and the globe are again experiencing confinement measures to combat the spread of COVID-19. Promotion in the fruit and vegetable sector has remained resilient and flexible to the continuing uncertainty. As we see in this month’s edition, many in the sector are now focusing on the beneficial health aspects of fruit and vegetables in their campaigns as good health and wellbeing continue to weigh heavily on consumers’ minds. The next edition of the Fresh Times will be published just in time for Christmas – maintain a healthy balanced diet and stay well in the meantime.

Spain: Welcome to the Lemon Age

Lemons are taking the European stage with the first lemon campaign in Europe ‘Welcome to the lemon age’. Funding by the EU, Ailimpo’s latest venture is a three-year campaign that will take place in Spain, France and Germany, as well as the United States and Canada. Using the hashtag #lemonattitude, the campaign aims to inform Europeans aged between 25 and 45 years of age about the intrinsic characteristics of European lemons and their differences, such as quality, freshness, sustainability, traceability and food safety. The campaign was launched at the start of October at the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

Italy: Marlene turns 25 

This year Marlene is celebrating its 25th birthday with a digital content that encourages consumers to design its anniversary promotional image. The designs will be part of an integrated communications plan comprising digital media, television and trade activities. The objective of the international contest is to let consumers tell the brand what the Marlene apple means to them. Consumers can upload their designs to the Marlene website until mid-November and a jury will select the best 25 artistic contributions on the basis of aesthetics and the celebratory nature and emotions transmitted through the design. All 25 winners will be invited to visit the South Tyrol and stay in the Marlene farmhouse.

France: Aprifel’s new skin

Aprifel has transformed their website this autumn into a wonderland of information to help consumers learn how to eat better with fruits and vegetables. The new website offers the latest scientific information and resources on the nutrition, health benefits and food safety of fruits and vegetables. Notably, Aprifel’s website contains more than 100 nutritional information sheets about different fruits and vegetables. While the website has had a colourful and vibrant facelift, many of Aprifel’s key resources remain available, including the latest news on health events and its monthly topical scientific review newsletters. Check out the new Aprifel website today!

France: Open Orchards

For the tenth consecutive year the National Association of Apples and Pears (ANPP) organised their ‘Vergers Ouverts’ (‘Open Orchards’) event. This year in September and October 38 eco-responsible orchards opened their doors to the public throughout France. Each orchard organised an educational path led by the apple grower, where free picking, tastings of apples, apple juice and other specialities were offered. Additionally workshops for children and meetings with the orchards’ beekeepers were organised as part of the event. The event is designed to welcome consumers onto orchards and to give them a hands-on explanation of orchard operations and their role in fruit production as well as their eco-responsible approaches.

UK: British leeks

British leeks will be back in the public eye with the help of a new campaign to steer consumers to picking them off the supermarket shelf. Organised by a collaboration of six UK leek growers and four seed companies, the new campaign will highlight the 2020/21 season. From November 2020 until April 2021 the campaign is set to focus on minimising waste and eating the entire leek as well as highlighting the nutritional benefits of eating leeks. The campaign’s activities will be supported by a website with details about the leek season, tips on preparing and cooking leeks, new recipes, local grower contacts and photography.

Spain: Say hello to watermelon 

TSpain is the top watermelon consumer in Europe with per capita consumption at 10kg per capita per year. With the aim to promote watermelon consumption among the younger Spanish generations BASF has embarked on a campaign to help children ‘Eat watermelon. Eat super healthy’. The campaign invites children to say hello to watermelon through engagement on social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) and learn more about watermelon and its health benefits through videos, gifs and creating their own memes. Importantly, the campaign discusses the scientific nutritional composition of watermelon in an easy-to-understand manner.

UK: Veg Power Activity Book  

Veg Power is continuing to chill and thrill families throughout the UK with its campaign initiative to encourage children to eat more vegetables. In October Veg Power created the first ever edition of the Eat Them to Defeat Them Activity Book, an at-home activity perfect for those confined at home. Sponsored by major UK retailers, the 250,000 Activity Books have been distributed to children in low-income communities, schools and hospitals so children everywhere can learn about the benefits of vegetable consumption. The Activity is also available in store for purchase and segments will be available online as downloads.

New Zealand: Zespri Virtual Adventure 

In October 20,000 children across New Zealand started Zespri’s five-week Young and Healthy Virtual Adventure. The aim of the campaign is to promote the importance of eating well, exercising and taking care of the environment. As part of the campaign 250 primary and intermediate schools will earn points for simple healthy habits like drinking more water, eating fruit and vegetables and minimizing screen time, which will help them travel virtually to eleven different locations across the globe with their classmates. The campaign is specifically designed to support children to create their best health and wellbeing every day and influence their families to get involved.

France: BananaManiacs

In September AIB launched #TousBananaManiacs (#AllBananaManiacs). The campaign aims to highlight bananas in autumn (September-November), which is a high banana consumption season in France. In particular it focuses on the practicality of bananas and bananas as a top fruit choice throughout the day, including breakfast and snacking. For 2 months the campaign video will be broadcasted on catch up TV as well as on social media and demonstrates the diversity of banana consumption moments to consumers. Additionally, the campaign will be broadcast on radio (RFM) over two weeks and disseminated by social media influencers, POS and a digital banana nutrition information campaign in medical waiting rooms.

US: Pink October

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and for the fourth year in a row Chiquita is swapping its blue stickers for a limited-edition pink sticker. Chiquita’s pink stickers will be placed on 200 million bananas worldwide to raise awareness of breast cancer to educate people about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and early detection. Chiquita has partnered with the American Cancer Society to create six recipes to teach consumers why maintaining a well-balanced diet is crucial. Chiquita will also be distributing breast cancer themed face masks for farm workers and families in coordination with breast cancer organisations in Germany, Italy and Costa Rica.

Global: World Fruit & Veg Day

In many places World Fruit and Vegetables Day on the 16 October is celebrated in conjunction with the World Food Day. The aim of World Fruit and Vegetables Day is to raise awareness of the importance of fruit and vegetable consumption for good health and non-communicable disease prevention. In particular, members of the Global Alliance to Promote Fruit and Vegetable Consumption ‘5 a Day’ (AIAM5) developed activities to celebrate the 2020 edition. Among others, in Spain a digital campaign called ‘Practice the 5’ was launched, in Chile healthy eating sessions were held for parents and teachers, and in Mexico seasonal fruit was delivered to consumers with flyers.

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