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Fresh Times – Edition 4, 2022

Freshfel Europe collects this information from different sources to the best of its knowledge. Freshfel Europe is in no way responsible for the content of the articles used. For any questions or further information, please contact the Association’s Secretariat.

Editor’s Note: Autumn feel

The summer has been lingering in many parts of Europe, matching the autumn foliage with warm late-summer temperatures. Promotion campaigns however clearly show that summer has ended, schools have started, and the Halloween season is behind us. The nature of the campaigns show a clear pattern in focusing either on Halloween, schoolchildren, or both. All around the world, we are seeing campaigns promoting healthy eating in combination with an active lifestyle, and the importance of creating healthy habits from an early age.

Netherlands: Student directors

In November, 15 university students will have the chance to be the trusted advisor of a food company director for a day. The program “Director for 1 day” is organised by a collection of food and flower companies and include participating directors from for instance Best Fresh Group and Syngenta. The aim of the project is to strengthen the image of the fresh produce sector and encourage young talents to pursue a career in the industry, because the future lies in fresh produce!

France: Green variables

Interfel are challenging the social media algorithms in their campaign “Jamais trop libérés des algorithms” (“Never too free from algorithms”). The campaign aims to intercept the algorithms that are keeping consumers on their beaten track and enable them to discover fresh fruit and vegetables. Interfel has chosen two key moments to influence. First, during the inspiration-phase, by offering fruit and vegetable-based alternatives to the most searched for recipes. Secondly, during shopping through geolocated advertisements.

Spain: Treat yourself

Afrucat is raising awareness among young people to facilitate a healthier lifestyle, including more fruit and vegetables from the EU in their diet. More specifically, they are aiming to inform on, and improve the perception of, EU apples. The campaign is titled “Take care of yourself like an apple takes care of you”, and spreads awareness on how apples are beneficial for your body and mind and have been for a long time. Just like apples, the campaign describes itself as “impressive, fresh and very vibrant”.

Ireland: Fyffes fitness

To promote exercise and nutritional diets, Fyffes are on the search for Ireland’s fittest school. By doing weekly exercise, and pursuing nutritional choices, schools can earn banana points and compete to become “Ireland’s Fittest School”. Apart from exercise, Fyffe is providing schools with a range of nutritious recipes and fun facts about fresh fruit and vegetables. The programme was created in 2018 and has won multiple awards with their easy and fun exercises. This season’s competition is ongoing until 31 March 2023.

Italy: Kiwi superheroes

Spiderman, the Hulk, Thor and Iron Man are only some of the Marvel superhero figures that are helping promote mini-kiwis in Italy. The mini-kiwis come in red, green and gold and while grabbing the attention of children and adults alike, the campaign also helps sell smaller fruits below 90g; a size that will become more prominent as Italy increase their kiwi production. The superhero campaign is being carried out with Disney, and you will find the mini kiwis, along with the superheroes in Italy, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

UK: Simply Veg

Following their campaign “Eat them to defeat them”, the non-profit organisation Veg Power is once again trying to boost consumption of fruit and vegetables. In October 2022 Veg Power launched a new campaign Simply Veg, backed by several food experts, chefs, child psychologists and nutritionists. The campaign provides tips and hacks on how to serve affordable and healthy fresh produce-based meals for the whole family, including the picky eaters. Examples are batch-cooking or advice on how to make the ingredients and meals last longer.

Sweden: Relax

To promote the consumption of organic fruits and vegetables, a number of Swedish growers, associations and retailers came together to launch the campaign “Känn lugnet” (“Feel the calm”). The name refers to the peacefulness you can allow yourself to feel when choosing organic produce. The campaign provides whoever wishes to participate with a set of campaigning material such as informative, ready-to-post social media material and t-shirts, reports on the organic market situation and puts the spotlight on organic farms and farmers in Sweden.

Australia: Boo-nanas

Research showed that a majority of Australians would consider healthier options if they were Halloween-themed. This encouraged Australian Bananas to launch the Boo-Nana Banana digital recipe book, packed with healthy and scary snack recipesm great alternatives to artificial snacks and treats. Why not try the Monster Munch Boo-Nanas or perhaps the Hocus Pocus to Focus Boo-Nanas? The recipes are simple, creative, nutritious, and scary.  As put by dietitian Michelle Theodosi: “Halloween and healthy snacking don’t need to be mortal enemies”. 

France: Fresh force!

After touring Wallonia and Hungary during the summer the ‘FraichForce’, led by the two characters Frutti and Veggi, are coming to France to inspire children and adults to eat more fruit and vegetables. Frutti and Veggi are combatting the wicked Angry who wants to stop them from making the most of their fresh fruit and vegetables. The ‘FraichForce’ provides games, information, recipes, and even has an ‘extraordinary garden’ where you can interact even more. The ‘FraichForce’ is a continuation of the ‘European Fraich Fantasy’ program and will be ongoing for three years. 

Spain: School health app

SANI, the Spanish 5 A Day Association, are encouraging schoolchildren to eat more fruit and vegetables. How? By using apps! SANI created an online game where the player creates an avatar to be customized by their real-life food and exercise habits. Children can choose from hundreds of varieties of foods, and log their physical activity. Variety and frequency when choosing healthy foods are rewarded by increased values in energy, vitality, and strength. The classes then compete against each other, and the top three healthiest classes are awarded. 

Italy: F&V take centre stage

Retailer Piccolo, part of Végé group, is putting fruit and vegetables at centre stage. With the goal of increasing consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables from 8% to double digits, they are re-designing and re-structuring their store composition. To do this, they are making the fresh produce section the centre of sales by creating the feeling of a fresh produce marketplace within the supermarket. Their latest set-up includes refrigerated bulk displays and a pineapple cleaning and cutting station. Even the ceiling is designed to pleasantly guide you right.  

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