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Fresh Times – Edition 4, 2021

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Editor’s Note: Summer end

For many the end of summer marks the end of holidays and the beginning of a new school year. While many promotion campaigns focus on children’s consumption to mark this transition, this year has seen a proliferation of campaigns during the summer holiday months as well to encourage fruit and vegetable consumption for children no matter the time of year. Demonstrating different occasions often not previously thought of to stimulate consumption among adults has also proven popular as a variation on merely providing recipe ideas. Look out for the next edition of Freshfel Europe’s Fresh Times at the end of October!

Netherlands: Tomato Times

Prominent has continued its Tomato Times campaign with a Tomato Times Challenge. Five food influencers participated in an online challenge to make the most delicious and surprising tomato dish. The aim of the challenge was to illustrate to consumers that tomatoes are very versatile products which can be eaten at any time of the day. The campaign garnered 158,000 views, inspiring many consumers throughout the Netherlands. The influencers were asked to share three breakfast and three tapas dishes to inspire consumers to choose tomatoes at times when they previously had not thought of eating them including breakfast and for apéro.

France: Charity bananas

This year during Stage 6 of the Tour de France (Tour Chatearoux) in the municipality of Ecueillé, UGPBAN organised a charity donation of bananas. A total of 24,534 bananas from the Union of Banana Producers Groups of Guadeloupe and Martinique were donated for the Restos du Coeur. As part of the initiative, each participant passing 97km on the Tour De France resulted in a donation of 100 bananas (17,700 in total), with 6,514 bananas donated during an Instagram live (one per view) and 320 bananas donated through the participation of the inhabitants of Ecueillé (one banana per photo taken on Place de la Mairie).   

UK: CauliShoots

CauliShoots, a new product by Barfoots, is one of the many innovative product launches to enter the fresh market. The idea behind the cauliflower product, which has long stems crowned with a small floret, is to capitalize on the significant increase in popularity over the past five years of plant-based diets and flexitarian tendencies. The surge in interest in health due to the coronavirus pandemic is also continuing to stimulate consumer habits with 2021 YouGov research suggesting that 91% of people intended to continue to home cook as much as they did in 2020 and 81% would like to eat more healthily this year.

France: Homemade

The new edition of Cuisinés Maison took place this July and August. Interfel’s campaign continued to inspire consumers, this time under the new motto “Homemade, fruits and vegetables to brighten your summer” with the objective of encouraging consumers to stock up and fruits and vegetables to have healthy meals on hand. The campaign employed two new social media partners, Chef Club and Melty, highlighting recipes and consumption ideas on their channels, along with a radio podcast entitled ‘I will go to dinner at your place’. Among other initiatives, the campaign over summer also included posters in more than 600 municipalities across France and six new recipes.

Belgium: Buy local

This summer BelOrta focused its berry campaign on highlighting the benefits of buying locally produced berries for the taste, the environment and the local economy. A campaign on the radio and via digital channels illustrated that the peak of berry production in Belgium was the perfect time to buy local to capitalize on the berries’ high quality and maximum flavour, while at the same time supporting Belgian producers. The campaign also employed TV chef Sandra Bekkari to create different meal ideas with berries. Increasing meal occasions for berries has helped consumption grow by nearly 300% over 10 years in Belgium.

Spain: That’s batty!

Recently Ailimpo, ANSE and Santomera City Council launched an informative exhibition about the life of the long-fingered bat. Illustrating the environmental benefits of fruit production areas to consumers, the exhibition focused on the long-fingered bat, which is the only species of bats classed as endangered in Spain and which lives in an important lemon production area in the south east of Spain. The objective of the exhibition was to bring consumers closer to the importance of the bat species in the fruit producing area as well as the results of a year and half of monitoring to assess their conservation. 

Europe: In&Out

Apo Conerpo’s new campaign In&Out is now running across Europe in Italy, Austria and Denmark. Launched in May and co-funded by the EU, the campaign has so far involved 3,400 promotional days in major supermarkets amongst 340 retail outlets. The aim of the campaign is to help consumers discover the world of European fruit and vegetables, where through every product there is a commitment to respect the environment, protect natural resources and uphold good agronomic and circular economy practices as well as food safety and traceability standards. Until the end of August the campaign will focus on the Danish market.

Netherlands: More F&V

Understanding consumption trends is vital to capitalize on promotion opportunities in an ever-changing market. GroentenFruit Huis recently published data from research agency GfK showing that in the Netherlands in the first half of 2021 households bought 4% more fresh vegetables and 3% more fruit than in 2020. While people are still spending more time at home due to the coronavirus, convenience is still king with fresh meal packages to easily create recipes at home continuing to soar in sales by 10% from January to June. Not surprisingly the Netherlands is also following other countries in increasing online sales trends for fresh produce too.

Australia: Kids are the future

Hort Innovation is funding a new VegKIT project, providing tools and interventions to increase children’s vegetable intake. Based on vegetable research and development levy and contributions from the Australian Government and stakeholders, such as Flinders University and Nutrition Australia, the aim of the project is to take a science-based approach to children’s vegetable consumption. Here the focus is on teaching children to enjoy vegetables rather than being a chore that they must do. The project’s thinking goes beyond consumption, where CSIRO researchers have also explored the potential on production demand due to enhanced consumption through teaching children to enjoy vegetables.

Global: Jurassic World

Fresh Del Monte has partnered with DreamWorks Animation and Universal to encourage fruit and vegetable consumption among children. The partnership, covering Europe, North America, the Middle East and Africa, will involve Del Monte’s products featuring characters from the Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous series. Del Monte consumers will be able to access Dinosaur Challenge, an augmented reality game. By scanning QR codes on Del Monte labels and stickers Users will be able unlock special skills and boosters and obtain badges and medals. In the UK and US there will also be a competition to win a trip to Universal Orlando Resort’s theme parks.

Global: Jazz time!

Jazz apples under T&G Global have undergone a brand refresh with a new motto ‘Is it Jazz time yet?’. The new marketing campaign aims to drive brand awareness and position Jazz apples as the ideal snack on the go due to their perfect snack-size, balanced flavours, crunch and source of nutrients. Launched in the US, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, UAE, Thailand, Vietnam and New Zealand, the campaign has been designed to have a consistent global look, with language translations to connect with consumers in each market. The campaign includes point of sale and packaging promotions, along with out-of-home, print, digital and social media advertising.

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