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Fresh Times – Edition 4, 2019

Freshfel Europe collects this information from different sources to the best of its knowledge. Freshfel Europe is in no way responsible for the content of the articles used. For any questions or further information, please contact Nicola Pisano or Nelli Hajdu at the Association’s Secretariat.

Editor’s Note: Summer’s here to stay

Summer is drawing to an end, but the hot weather is not and neither are fruit and vegetable campaigns! Over the summer months promotion initiatives across Europe have encouraged us to keep on top of our game and eat at least the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables. In this August issue we take a look at promotion campaigns using different platforms and settings to engage with target audiences of different ages. Take a read to find out more and stay tuned for the fifth edition of the Fresh Times, which will be released in October 2019!

EU: Follow me to be healthy

Are you up to the #400gChallenge? July saw the launch of Freshfel’s and Aprifel’s pan European social media campaign ‘Follow me to be healthy with Europe’. Running from 2019-2021, the campaign aims to help millennials (18-30 year olds) increase their daily fruit and vegetable consumption to at least the minimum recommended by the WHO – 400g per day. Through videos, tips and presence at events the campaign will provide inspiration  to encourage millennials to increase their fruit and vegetable intake. Millennials will be asked to participate in monthly challenges that will spur them into action to try and increase their daily intake.

The Netherlands: Cheeky kiwi muppets

Have you turned your kiwifruit into cheeky muppets before? Eosta have brought Kenny, Katy and Kalissa Kiwi to life by using laser technology to transform their organic kiwifruit into cheeky fruit muppets. While lasering is often used for branding and text on fruit to reduce the use of fruit stickers, Eosta is creating muppet faces on kiwis to help consumers enjoy their kiwis even more. All you have to do is bring your kiwi home and partly cut the kiwi open along the cut line (so that your kiwi has a mouth) that is lasered onto the kiwi and voila your kiwi is instantly a muppet! 

Italy: European Art of Taste

This year the ‘European Art of Taste’ will be present at Asia Fruit Logistica to showcase Italy’s finest fresh fruit and vegetable delights. Co-financed by the European Union, CSO Italy is showcasing its array of quality Italian products to the Asian market for the first time at the trade fair. Filling a 188m2 stand, the European Art of Taste exhibition area will showcase specialised informative material and play host to an evening event exclusively for the press. Fair goers will also be able to sample Made in Italy gourmet products prepared by Sapori di Maggio and Chef Marco Maggio who is based in Hong Kong.

UK: Free fruit for kids

Since launching their ‘Free Fruit for Kids’ scheme in the middle of 2016, Tesco stores across the UK have given out more than 100 million pieces of fruit to kids. The scheme allows parents to take fresh apples and pears off the stands in the fruit and vegetable aisle for their children to snack on while they do the rest of their shopping. What a healthy treat! Tesco came up with the initiative to help children get one of their five a day and establish healthy eating habits early. Only 18% of children aged 5-15 years old in the UK manage to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables per day.

France: Tour de F&V:

This summer Interfel has been on the beach with NRJ on their Summer Tour of France’s beaches. Fruit and vegetables have joined NJR’s (a private radio station) summer beach festivities for the first time this year to encourage fruit and vegetable consumption over the summer holiday months. Fruit and vegetable themed entertainment was provided to holidaymakers on the NRJ Tour, including a F&V wheel, a smoothie mixing challenge and of course lots of fruit and vegetable goodies! For those unable to make it to the beach, the campaign was also showcased on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you could join in the action live.

Spain: Online watermelon fashion

From June till the end of August social media influencers have been seen munching on juicy seedless watermelons as part of Association Grupo Fashion’s Watermelon Fashion. The promotion campaign involved 14 influencers showing their love for seedless watermelon on Instagram with the aim of increasing brand awareness across Spain. The campaign purposefully coincided with the high watermelon consumption period in summer. The campaign also specifically focused on health, sport, cooking and family to demonstrate how watermelon can be easily incorporated into your lifestyle. So far the campaign has around three million followers.

Poland: F&V happiness

The 3rd edition of nationwide ‘Vegetables and Fruits – Happiness’ is out now! This year the campaign is running under the new slogan ‘Prepare for good…’ to encourage consumers to set themselves up with a healthy diet that will lead to a good lifestyle, good well-being, good habits, good moments and good flood and flavours. Specifically, this year’s campaign is a call to action to take up more fruit and vegetable consumption. Culinary ideas on how to incorporate fruit and vegetables into your daily diet will be provided by the campaign with Polish products featuring as the main ingredients.

Poland: All flavours & colours 

Behold the pepper, zucchini and eggplant! On 10 July the Polish Pepper Producers Association launched their latest campaign promoting peppers, courgettes and aubergines from the fertile area of the south of Mazovia. Mazovia is a high production area for these products due its perfect growing conditions, and the aim of campaign called ‘All flavours and colours of pepper, courgette and aubergine is to build consumer awareness about vegetables produced in Poland. A press conference kicked off the campaign, which will be followed by a media campaign, consumer events, educational activities at schools and online support through a website.

Italy: Quality guaranteed!

Italian PGI and PDO products are on a promotional tour of the country this summer. Numerous seasonal fruit and vegetable products with PGIs and PDOs are being featured to celebrate their excellence and intrinsic link to their Italian origin across the country. This includes peaches, nectarines, asparagus, cherries, salads, pears and radicchio. As part of the campaign, information material is being provided at points of sale for Italian consumers to discover the benefits of these products and their seasonal qualities. The campaign is also travelling to the Italian FIT Outdoor Beach Tennis Championship in Lido di Spina until the end of August.

UK: Get your groove on

For one week in July Pink Lady partnered with Gay Star News and the Co-Op to celebrate Pride. During the week Pink Lady ran an on-pack promotion by labeling their apples with a rainbow pride sticker to raise awareness of Pride and in particular isolation and loneliness that many people experience. The promotion involved a giveaway of £1,000 worth of dance lessons to 10 winners to give people the chance to learn new dance moves and help combat isolation and loneliness. Pink Lady also created a dance video, which explores expression through dance, which brings people together to support each other.

US: Bananas about fitness

Chiquita launched a new health campaign in July to encourage consumers to lead an active lifestyle along with eating plenty of fruit and vegetables. 200 million Chiquita bananas were kitted out with a range of 10 different fitness stickers, each displaying simple and quick exercise challenges such as completing 15 push-ups or a minute plank. The objective of the sticker series was to remind consumers that fitness can be fun and easy and that bananas can complement a healthy routine. Each exercise challenge is designed to be for all fitness levels to maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve body tone and vitality.

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