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Fresh Times – Edition 3, 2022

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Editor’s Note: Summer season

It’s the summer season in the northern hemisphere, and while most are holidaying in sunny and exotic locations, the fresh produce sector is in full swing with promotion campaigns galore to showcase fruit and vegetable summer offerings. With consumption levels dropping since the health-focused pandemic years of 2020 and 2021, promotion campaigns across the sector are emphasising the continued importance of fruit and vegetable consumption for good health, highlighting nutritional benefits, including hydration for the summer months. POS marketing is also on the rise amid consumers’ belt tightening with inflation levels rising and increasing costs for operators and citizens alike.  

Italy: Beach party

From the 8-23 July Sgmarketing organised a fruit and vegetable road show on Italian beaches. 10,000 people attended eight stages of the tour. The aim of the road show was to promote fruit and vegetable consumption in a fun and innovative way. Six categories of Italian fruit and vegetables were the protagonists of the Fruit Beach Party, represented by respective brands – raspberries and blueberries, lemon, apple, nectarine, plum and tomatoes. Activities included quizzes, umbrella distributions, tastings and cocktails, allowing all demographics to be targeted. The initiative resulted in 1,600 fruit bowls and 4,600 gadgets distributed, and 180,000 vies on Instagram.  

France: Global site

After redesigning its website in 2020, Aprifel has launched its international website in English. The new global website is structured around two areas, fruit and vegetable nutrition sheets and the Global Fruit and Veg Newsletter (GFVN). 120 nutrition sheets with detailed nutritional composition information are now available on the site, which were updated with the latest scientific information in 2020. The GFVN shares the latest scientific updates on healthy and sustainable diets, with monthly editions focusing on different scientific research themes. More new contents will progressively be added to the site. Discover the website here and subscribe to the GFVN here.  

Spain: Pick a Picota

At the start of July the European Picota Cherry campaign celebrated its annual Pick a Picota Week. The event, which ran from 4-10 July, saw the unique stalkless cherries take centre stage through a range of social media content, including influencer collaborations and competitions. Two Picota cherry recipes were created as part of the campaign by two influencers, chocolate cherry amaretto cupcakes and no-bake Picota cherry cheesecake bars, highlighting the quality and versatility of Picota cherries. The Picota cherry is known for its dark red colour and aesthetic appearance, which lends itself to those looking to produce beautiful and delicious food.   

Spain: Peach PGI

The PGI Melocotón de Cieza is now being used nationally in Spain. At the end of July the first peaches were labelled and packed with the with the new PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) quality seal. The PGI label covers two peach varieties, Baby Gold 6 and Romea, which are grown in the municipalities of Cieza, Abaran, Calasparra and Jumilla in Murcia, Spain. The PGI quality seal will be rolled out in export markets in a second stage once it has been certified by the European Union. The PGI label will distinguish the peaches as those recognised for their quality and sustainability.   

France: Banana tour

The Union of Banana Producer Groups (UGPBAN) has renewed its partnership with the Tour de France for three years. This year 135,000 bananas from Guadeloupe and Martinique were distributed along the Tour loop to inspire banana consumption and healthy eating. Additionally, visual displays of the event on the product stickers and ribbons aimed to gain consumption traction at a period when banana consumption is traditionally low. Solidarity action entitled ‘Km 97’ with overseas departments 971 and 972 was organised and promotional operations for French bananas on shelves in different stores was also planned in the lead up to the event.  

Germany: Go bananas

Chiquita has launched a new campaign promoting fruit to young consumers for the mid-August school rentré. Under the slogan ‘Your bite for knowledge’, the campaign emphasises the versatility and nutritional content of bananas, the perfect ingredient for breakfast or a healthy snack. Eye-catching displays in grocery stores and on social media will appear until the end of September. A competition will also be run to win of 333 Chiquita-branded back packs. The objective of the banana campaign is to stimulate regular consumption of bananas with the fruit being touted as ‘lunchbox compatible’ and are easy, healthy option to eat. 

Netherlands: Avocado tour

Nature’s Pride has launched a new campaign to highlight the versatility of its Eat Me branded avocados and to encourage people to consumer avocados in new and different ways. Research indicates that many consumers don’t know how to use and prepare avocados, which is why Nature’s Pride has launched an Avocado Tour, a new marketing initiative devised by the World Avocado Organisation. Easy recipes will be provided at POS and food truck displays will create additional and engaging shelf space. Advertising will also be geotargeted, whereby specific consumers within a 2km radius of any sales location are targeted over others.   

UK: Sensory delight

Pink Lady unveiled a new campaign in July to showcase the multisensory experience of eating its apples. Drawing upon the science of snacking and how to maximise enjoyment of food, the campaign is looking to drive the apple category forward. The campaign involves a collaboration with leading gastrophysicist Professor Charles Spence to demystify why a Pink Lady apple is so satisfying. The campaign will consist of media relations, video content creation, extensive social media advertising and influencer collaborations, with touch points aiming to drive frequency of purchase amongst existing customers and to encourage trial amongst shoppers yet to buy into the brand.  

Netherlands: Zero VAT

As part of its National Prevention Agreement, the Dutch government is exploring a reduction in VAT on fruit and vegetables to 0%. The objective is to lower the VAT on fruit and vegetables to zero by 2024, which will cost an estimated one billion euros, partly to be offset by the introduction of a sugar tax. The goal of the zero VAT measure is to reduce unhealthy choices and foster a healthier nation. To facilitate the new legislation, an external agency has been hired to demarcate fruit and vegetables. The agency will focus on the legal sustainability, effectiveness, efficiency, feasibility and enforceability of the measure.  

Italy: Say yellow!

Tourists throughout summer will be welcomed in Italy by new Chiquita billboards in a campaign to boost consumption. Billboards in main airports and seaside resorts will feature the Chiquita visuals which welcome tourists and focus on the top banana qualities: taste, sweetness, aroma, texture and unmistakeable bright yellow colour. The campaign has a light-hearted tone with a message of welcome in good humour as part of the storytelling – “Say yellow to Italy!”. The objective of the campaign is to promote Chiquita bananas as the perfect snack, even in summer, to recharge your batteries and fully experience the holiday spirit.  

UK: British berry growers

British Summer Fruits has been rebranded with a new name, British Berry Growers. The organisation, representing the majority of commercial soft fruit growers, launched the new brand along with a new set of goals as part of reorientation of the organisation. The organisation wants to ensure its seasonal offerings comprise 100% of the market and for its exports to surpass by 50% its own British sales by 2035. British Berry Growers will continue to support the Love Fresh Berries campaign, and it has also launched a new research and development advisory board to advance British berries on the world stage, both technically and environmentally.  

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