The Fresh Times collects fun promotion initiatives in the fruit and vegetable sector. It wants to encourage good ideas and spread best practices. In this edition, you can find the following initiatives:

  • Brussels: This FRESH TIMES goes green!
  • United Kindom goes green: Celery as perfect snack for commuters
  • Spain goes greener: Spotlight on for the broccoli-week
  • Belgium: “Loofje” is the new chicory ambassador of Flanders
  • Australia: How to pick-up an avocado
  • Australia II: Pears become hailstorm heroes
  • Canary Island/Spain: Disneqy´s Jungle Book ties with bananas
  • Germany: New “5 a day”-campaign targets SME employees
  • The Netherlands: Product packaging is like dating!
  • Italy: The picturesque places of origin…
  • Apple´s corner: News of the month

If you have information about exciting promotion campaigns all over the world, please send it to the Freshfel secretariat so that we can share it.

To view or download the full document, please click here.

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