On 21 October, the Task Force for the fruit and vegetable sector, composed of AREFLH, Freshfel, EUFRIN (fruit research institutes network) and EUVRIN (vegetable research institutes network), published the new version of the Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda (SIRA). The SIRA was first published and handed over to the Commission services in 2015.

Upon receiving positive feedback from the Commission services and inclusion of several identified priorities in the Working Groups, the Task Force members updated, and complemented the SIRA with more vegetable input from EUVRIN, which was newly created in February 2016. The new SIRA focuses on the weaknesses and gaps in the fruit and vegetable industry, identifying the research and innovation needs along the whole supply chain, from challenges in production over storage, handling, distribution to consumer issues.

The new SIRA can be found here.

AREFLH is a European Assembly of fruit, vegetable and horticulture regions (Assemblée des Régions Européennes Fruitière, Légumières et Horticoles). AREFLH is an assembly of 25 regions, representing more than 40 % of the fruit and vegetable European production and producer’s main organizations. More information about AREFLH can be found via: http://areflh.org

EUFRIN is an organization of university departments and research institutes that specialize in research, development, and extension on temperate fruit crops and which are based within countries of the European Union, Switzerland, and Eastern Europe. EUFRIN currently represents 22 countries. More information about EUFRIN can be found via their website: http://eufrin.org

EUVRIN is an informal, voluntary organization of research institutes or research institutes departments that specialize in research, development, and extension on vegetable production, which are based within a number of countries of the European Union. It was set up and held its first meeting in Brussels on February 1, 2016. The current number of research institutes stands to 50 (Membership of and Participants

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