Annual Event Programme – 4 June 2021

Please find below an outline of the 2021 Annual Event programme, including details of both the Freshfel Europe Statutory AGM and Public Conference.

The Annual Event 2021 Programme is available for downloaded here

All times are shown in CEST (Brussels time).

08:30 – 09:00   Opening of online meeting platform


09:00 – 09:50   Freshfel Europe AGM (Freshfel Europe members & associated members only)

09:50 – 10:00   Online meeting platform open for non-Freshfel Europe members 

10:00 – 13:00   Public Conference Session (Open public session)

10:00 – 10:05   Welcome

Welcome to Freshfel Europe Public Conference by Moderator Jean-Paul Judson (Now More)

10:05 – 10:40   Session 1: Freshfel Europe’s journey since the turn of the century from Kai Krasemann to Stephan Weist

  • Freshfel Europe’s achievements – Freshfel Europe General Delegate Philippe Binard
  • Reflections from Freshfel Europe’s 1st & current Presidents – Kai Krasemann, Freshfel Europe President Stephan Weist & Freshfel Europe General Delegate Philippe Binard

10:40 – 11:30   Session 2: Sustainability from a buzz word to reality

  • The European Green Deal and Farm to Fork Strategy’s sustainability ambitions – European Commission DG SANTE Deputy Director General Claire Bury
  • Agricultural policy supporting sustainable production & consumption of fresh produce – European Commission DG AGRI Deputy Director General Michael Scannell
  • Freshfel Europe Board testimonies

11:30 – 12:15   Session 3: Consumer responses and expectations in the next decade

  • The UN International Year of Fruits & Vegetables 2021 – FAO Deputy Director General Beth Bechdol
  • Food trends 2021: the new normal – forced changes & desired results – Future Food Studio Hanni Rützler
  • Freshfel Europe Board testimonies

12:15 – 13:00   Session 4: Is financial business supporting fresh produce sector growth?

  • The current & future financial climate for fresh produce, a northern Europe perspective – Rabobank Senior Analyst Fruit, Vegetables, Floriculture Cindy van Rijswick
  • The current & future finanacial climate for fresh produce, a southern Europe perspective – Santander Group, Agribusiness Director, Lorena Ruis Ponce
  • Freshfel Europe Board testimonies

13:00 – 13:05   Closing

Testimony from the Freshfel Europe Board for the next 10 years – Freshfel Europe President Stephan Weist

Public Conference speakers

Information on the Freshfel Europe Annual Event Public Conference speakers coming soon!

Freshfel Europe Statutory AGM – 4 June 2021 

Freshfel Europe members and associated members are invited to attend the 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Association.

The AGM will take place online at 09:00-09:50 on 4 June 2021. 

All details regarding the AGM will be sent to Freshfel Europe members directly.

For more information please contact 


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