COVID-19 Response Team

The spread of COVID-19 around the world has resulted in an unprecedented global health crisis. The pandemic is impacting people’s lives and has created significant socio-economic challenges for all sectors.

Supplying safe and healthy food to citizens, the European fresh fruit and vegetable sector has a vital role during the pandemic and has been identified as a key priority for regulators in Europe and globally.

Coordination with Freshfel Europe members & EU authorities

At the beginning of the outbreak in Europe the Freshfel Europe Secretariat created an internal COVID-19 Response Team. The aim of this unit is to ensure a continuous supply of healthy, safe and high quality fresh fruit and vegetables to consumers throughout Europe and beyond over the duration of the outbreak when normal operating conditions are disrupted. To achieve this, the COVID-19 Response Team is liaising with Freshfel Europe members on a daily basis and is working in close coordination with the European Commission and other authorities such as the OECD.

Freshfel Europe’s COVID-19 Response Team consists of the following staff members:

  • Philippe Binard: Spokesperson and supply chain challenges, consumption and promotion
  • Nelli Hajdu: International & intra-EU trade analysis & trade facilitation
  • Natalia Santos-Garcia Bernabe: International & intra-EU trade analysis & trade facilitation
  • Nicola Pisano: Internal and external communications



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