COVID-19 Crisis Management Strategy

Freshfel Europe’s COVID-19 Response Team coordinates and implements Freshfel Europe’s COVID-19 Crisis Management Strategy. The Crisis Management Strategy is continually reviewed by the Freshfel Europe Board to ensure that action points reflect the evolving needs of the European fresh fruit and vegetable sector as the COVID-19 pandemic develops.

The Crisis Management Strategy consists of three critical action points:

1. Intelligence gathering and exchange:

Freshfel Europe continuously collects and analyzes the immediate, short and long term consequences of the development of the COVID-19 pandemic for the sector and provides members and authorities with daily information updates.

2. Close engagement with regulators:

The COVID-19 Response Team closely engages with EU and OECD authorities to communicate key issues arising for the sector. This cooperation is assisting authorities in rapidly responding to new challenges and finding practical solutions for supply chain operations.

3. Communication and awareness raising:

Through traditional press and its social media channels Freshfel Europe is raising awareness of the sector’s efforts to maintain supply of products throughout Europe and beyond as well as the importance of maintaining a healthy balanced diet rich in fruit and vegetables and hygiene practices when handing fresh produce.


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